Pretty Face, Nice Dress

When you look like Natalie Bergman, it’s hard to imagine that it would be hard for her to keep a man. Unfortunately, that’s what most of the songs on Wild Belle’s newly released album are about. Critics can’t seem to agree on Chicago-born group Wild Belle’s Isles, but one thing’s for certain: whether you feel the album is “as exotic as a cocktail umbrella” or a genuine break from current indie-pop, Wild Belle’s vocalist Natalie Bergman has a covetable sense of style.

belle2Miss Bergman is my new Lana Del Rey, a muse whose musical merit you ignore due to her stylish persona. Her mussed tresses, coupled with classic 70’s silhouettes, is remnant of a young Lauren Hutton or Charlotte Rampling. She favors high-wasted pants and shorts, which suit the leggy blonde. Like her music, Natalie’s style has heavy reggae and tropical influences. She’s not afraid of mixing graphic prints with animal or palm tree-laden ones. The result is an easy sensuality that lends itself to the crooner’s stage presence.

belle4To get a lump sum of Wild Belle’s aesthetic, watch their homemade video for “Backslider.” In the video, the indie darling stands and sings in front of projected film slides (a concept overdone by hipsters everywhere). What
makes Natalie stand out among the sea of girls in winged eyeliner is the images that she has selected: all of them are photos that her mother took while on vacation in Africa in the 70’s and 80’s. The combination of imagery and song is both vibrant and mysterious.

belle1As you buy your festival tickets this summer, keep Natalie Bergman in mind when choosing what to wear. Take a page from the “Keep You” video and don’t be afraid to mix cropped tops with high-waisted pieces for that retro
tropical effect. Pretend it’s the 70’s and just forget styling your hair.  If you can’t completely rock the bed-head look, try using a glossing product ( i.e. Oscar Blandi’s Pronto Gloss) to give yourself a more finished look.


If you want to delve deeper into Natalie Bergman’s aesthetic, check out Wild Belle’s Tumblr, which has everything from candid pictures to inspiration.